Sunday, 11 November 2012

'The Three Rs : Homage to the Wharfedale Press'  Yorkshire Stone 4x4x4feet 2012
'Triathlon' 8feet tall 2012

European Chainsaw Carving Championships, Warwickshire September 2012

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Calverley Angel

The scaffolding is up around a 40 foot  Beech tree in Calverley back in May.

'The Calverley Angel'.  Beech 30 feet tall completed June 2012.
Having looked back on all the sculptures I have made in 2012 leading up to 
my Olympic Trail, it is the scale of the angel that I intend developing in the future, maybe  a chainsaw sculpture park in the norh of England next year.......and then onto the quarry project afterwards.

 'A Yorkshire Tale '. Oak 2x4 feet 2005
This was carved by hand in three days, each day new objects were added, the compass and hiking boot to represent outdoor pursuits taking place on the Chevin Forest Park in Otley , West Yorkshire.

Monday, 13 August 2012

The following 17 sculptures were all carved in a day each with chainsaws. The wood had been sited in ten different London Parks before my arrival and each carving is now permanently sited there for a lasting legacy to the Olympic Games that took place in our capital. I approachd the whole project with immense respect and enthusiasm for the sporting spectacle that we were all experiencing and legacy to the games was at the heart of this sculpture gift that I have made to the city of London...I hope they are enjoyed and inspire our and future generations to come.
No. 16  'Rowing'  Mayesbrook Park  10/8/12
                                                    No. 17  'Marathon Runner' Mayesbrook Park 11/8/12
No.14  'Gymnastics'  Brockwell Park 8/8/12
                                                  No. 15  'Sailing' Brockwell Park 9/8/12
                                                  No. 13  'Boxing'  Victoria Park   6/8/12
                                                    No.12  'Shooting'  Alexandra Palace 5/8/12
No.10  'Hockey'  Alexandra Palace Park  3/8/12
No. 11  'Triathlon'  Alexandra Palace Park 4/8/12
No. 4   'Discus' Alexandra Palace Park  27/7/12
No. 5  'Cycling'  Alexandra Palace Park   28/7/12
No. 6  'Diving' Alexandra Palace 29/7/12
No. 7  'Sprinting'  Bishops Park  30/7/12
No. 8  'Basketball'   Ravenscourt Park 31/7/12
No. 9  'Hurdler'  Wormholt Park 1/8/12
No. 2   'High Jump'  22/7/12
                                                   No 1    'Weightlifting'      21/7/12

Sunday, 17 June 2012

'The Calverley Angel'   nearly complete now and my hands ache...all good training for the Olympic Trail I am producing over three weeks in London this Summer.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'Ellora' as a permanent feature of the new Cutty Sark Museum in London
This is after three hard days carving.....
and the form starts to take shape.