Monday, 31 March 2014

'Basketball' Ravenscourt Park, London Olympics Chainsaw Sculpture Trail July/August of my favourite of the seventeen carvings I did to mark the 2012 London Olympics taking place in our capital... Over a year and a half on I am starting to get hungry for another big 'marathon-carving' project again, maybe because the Tour de France is heading past my hometown of Otley in a couple of months time !
6th August 2012...I remember  this day in Victoria Park, London when I arrived I saw this tree trunk ten feet tall and thought...'a busy carving today !' off after this one to watch the Brownlees Golden Day at the the 2012Olympics.
Here is a video of The Three Rs : Homage to the Wharfedale Press, a large stone sculpture designed for the Queen's Jubilee for Otley back in May 2012......
Here is the Surprise View drystone wall sculpture work that I carved a year ago and is at last now sited up there on the top of Otley Chevin. Six high relief local animal and wildlife stone carvings have been incorporated into a superb new drystone wall at the top car park opposite the newly opened Royalty Pub....tale in a hike, sculpture and a pint today !