Tuesday, 3 February 2015

 'Calverley Angel' May mid week evenings only ! 2012
 'High Jump'.....the first one in East Ham Park.......need to get my eye in more !
'Weightlifting'....second one, happier with the direction of this one,better form and a struggling pose, just what I wanted to capture.

'Basketball' or 'Reach'.....even smiling now, the trail is going well....I did this for seventeen days during the Summer London Olympics 2012.

'Sailing'...carved the day Ben Ainslie entered the record books for Olympic Golds.

Ravenscourt Park 'Basketball'......Olympic Trail starting to come together now, I called this 'Reach', again carved in the day...notice a blunt saw and the amount of sawdust it produces..amateur!!

Here is 'Boxing' I produced in a day in the middle of Victoria Park.....arriving at 8am and seeing the 10feet piece of timber sent chills down my spine...happy with outcome all the same, even the corner ropes helped the 'Ali' lettering.