Tuesday, 28 June 2011

These were made in Wroclaw when I was an invited sculptor from the UK to take part in the International Polish Sculpture Symposium...they act as working drawings in space before and during the carving of 'Acrobats'.

'Acrobats' Elm 7feet tall.....carved in three days and sited in Poland.

'Adoption' Limestone 3x3x4feet. I did this when I was an Artist In Residence at Pudsey Crawshaw High School back in the mid 90s.

'Personal Uprising' 7feet tall Ash. I made this just after I had graduated from Birmingham College of Art in 1986.....the large branch limbs reaching up to the skies in hope and anticipation.

'Still Life With Chain' Limestone 3x2.5x2.5feet 1986.

Direct carving is the dialogue between the sculptor and the materials....this was an exercise where I set up a still life group of objects and then proceeded to release their representations in stone...the journey is of both discovery and discipline.

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