Friday, 15 July 2011

 ....with some of the trail maps and flyers for both the wood and the stone trails on the Chevin with Richard Marsh (right) the Head Ranger who initiated and supported me with the trails.
 'The Otley Show'   I carved this 'Ram's Head' from start to finish in a day and  is now sited at Temple Newsam House, Leeds.
The Otley Show is the oldest agricultural show in the England and I was proud to be involved....I have already been asked to return next year as hundreds of people said the spectacle of chainsaw carving added a new dimesion to the tradition of the show.
 'Chippendale chair' in progress
 The wood has arrived and my son checking it out !
 The Chevin Forest Park ...where the trail was made and sited.
 Here is a small tractor |I carved out in Pennsylvania in a couple of days during the Ridgeway Rendezvous which is the biggest annual gathering of chainsaw carvers in the world.
 'Cradle'  an earlier piece on the chevin with environmental concerns.
 Initial sketches for the Fossil sculpture.
 'Chariot'  acts as a look out tower for kids and lets people know of the Roman history in yorkshire.
 'Chariot' quick volumetric sketches working out the spacial qualities of the piece.
'A Yorkshire Tale' 2007......a narrative of images carved on site   Otley Chevin, near Leeds.
'Cradle' Pine 6feet tall. I hand carved this sculpture on site and he was intended to represent a protector of the environment.

'Celtic King' Pine 4feet tall.

'Cradle'.... close up showing the colossal hands wrapped around the vulnerable leaf.

'A Yorkshire Tale' 5x3x3 feet Oak. Castles, steps, hiking boots, a ladder, a chain, clouds, a climber, a compass, and a rose.....links with storytelling and the imagination of youth.

'A Yorkshire Tale'...changing with time and nature.

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